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Duval County sea turtles are part of the northern family of turtles who are more threatened than the southern turtles, perhaps due to the lack of a large area of nesting sites and the cooler weather.

Swimming Sea TurtleAdult turtles face mostly man-made threats:
  • Loss of habitat.
  • Disorientation from artificial light.
  • By-catch in shrimp trawls.
  • Ingestion of plastic bags, balloons, ribbon and other debris mistaken for food. [See FL balloon release statute].
  • Wounds from boat propellers.
  • Obstacles on beach which prevent nesting.
  • Poaching.
Hatchling Crawling in SandHatchlings face both man-made and natural threats:
  • Disorientation from artificial light.
  • Nest predation by animals and human vandals.
  • Post-emergent predation by birds, crabs and marine life.
  • Obstacles on beach that can trap hatchlings.
How You Can Help:
  • Limit night-time beach activity during nesting season.
  • Turn off or shield all beach lighting and keep seaward windows covered.
  • Keep beach clean of trash, especially balloons, ribbons and plastic bags.
  • Keep beach furniture and toys out of nesting areas.
  • Do not disturb sea turtle tracks, eggs, adults, hatchlings or nest markers.
  • Report all incidents of disturbance that you may witness to the appropriate authorities.
  • Never use flash photography or flashlights, even red-filtered ones, at a nest site. Even lights from cell phones can disturb the hatchlings if they are near the top of the nest. [Read more about your nightvision]
  • Heed instructions from patrol volunteers if you are fortunate enough to witness a nest emergence.
  • If you find a hatchling do not put it in the ocean. Place it in a bucket of moist sand, cover with a towel and call BSTP immediately.
  • Buy a Sea Turtle Specialty tag for your vehicle.
  • Support BSTP's efforts by making donations, adopting a nest or acquiring t-shirts and other BSTP Gear.

Sea Turtle Nest Warning - Click to enlarge
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Remember, it is illegal to touch, handle or interfere in any way with any sea turtle, nest or hatchling, alive or dead, unless instructed by an FWC-permitted individual.

Enjoy the beach but please leave only your footprints.
Leave Only Your Footprints

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Emergency Phone: (904) 613-6081

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